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Crisis call: +31 (0)26 372 0871

Centrosolar Benelux B.V. in Tiel was a supplier of solar-energy systems, or PV systems, for roofs. Its German mother Centrosolar AG originated from a merger of the three oldest German solar-energy companies, who had had over 25 years of experience in the industry by then.

Centrosolar produced nearly all the components for its PV systems in its own factory in Wismar, including the special solar-panel glass, supporting constructions and technical systems.

In 2011, Centrosolar introduced the Private PV Plan in the Benelux countries, to open up the solar panel market and accelerate the adoption of solar panels. Unlike in the Netherlands, solar panels were already a great success in Germany and Belgium, mainly as a result of government stimulus packages. The ‘Private PV Plan’ was a wink to the then very popular ‘Private PC Plan’, a subsidy scheme allowing employees to purchase a personal computer through their employer under favourable fiscal conditions. Centrosolar was using a similar scheme to make the purchase of solar panels more attractive.

Although Centrosolar was highly successful in the Benelux countries, mainly thanks to its intensive communication efforts, its German mother, like many other European producers, found itself in heavy weather due to increasing competition from China. As a consequence, Centrosolar’s sales organisations in France and the Benelux countries were taken over by another German producer, Solarwatt GmbH, in the middle of 2014.