News and blogs

News and blogs

This page is dedicated to blogs written by our staff, and is also where we regularly publish news about our clients, our firm and our office in Belgium. We also post information here about our industry association VPRA, and about our partners in the Worldcom Public Relations Group.


  • 04-04-2017
    Online content platform as branding tool

    The research carried out by our intern Saffira Holtman on the role of online content platforms in branding has been completed.» Read more

  • 30-03-2017
    Dutch Open Hackathon – looking back

    Wisse Kommunikatie had the pleasure of handling both the media relations and the social-media activities for the Dutch Open Hackathon 2016. We have summarized the results of our efforts.» Read more

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  • 11-05-2017
    Competitive analysis – why is this tool so important?

    You may ask yourself why firms should analyze other companies, since they are not directly involved with one another. With the help of a competitive analysis, companies can examine all of the important factors that influence the target market. Thus, companies can conclude what they can improve or change. In today’s highly competitive market, an analysis of the rivals is very important, because it is the foundation of a company’s future.» Read more

  • 13-04-2017
    When computers learn to love – Affective Computing

    Affective computing broadly describes systems and gadgets that are capable of recognizing, interpreting, processing and simulating human emotions. Put more simply: it’s about technology that knows how we feel and how to respond accordingly.» Read more

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