Marjolein Tijdink

Marjolein holds a variety of roles at Wisse Kommunikatie, including the vital position of Office Manager. In addition, she is involved in organizing events, meetings and media visits for our clients and is in charge of the communications workshops organized by Wisse Kommunikatie under the PR Toolbox label. Marjolein is also responsible for maintaining and updating our company databases (including media databases) and social media channels.

“I love the dynamic world of PR. I really like supporting the consultants in all communications activities, media relations and project management for local and international clients. I get to use my passion for event management, media and social media in the events and seminars I organize for us and our clients, as well as in my role as a member of the VPRA’s event committee.”

For several years Marjolein has been a member of the event committee of the VPRA, the Dutch industry association for PR agencies. She studied Communications Management at HAN University of Applied Sciences and joined Wisse Kommunikatie immediately after graduating.