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Crisis call: +31 (0)26 372 0871
Wisse Kommunikatie Wisse Kommunikatie
Crisis call: +31 (0)26 372 0871
International network

International communication and PR processes

Wisse Kommunikatie helps many clients with their PR and communication abroad; together with our Brussels office InstiCOM we serve both the Flemish and Walloon parts of Belgium and the Luxembourg stakeholders. But we also go well beyond the Benelux borders, for example with our branch in Düsseldorf with which we support our clients in Germany.



Activities in other countries also lie within arm´s reach, via the Worldcom Public Relations Group and the E3 Agency Network, in which we have been members since 1989 and 2018, respectively. With over 140 partners in 49 countries and more than 2,000 communication specialists, the Worldcom Public Relations Group is the largest network of independent PR firms in the world. E3 focuses primarily on marketing, which fits perfectly with the international digital aspirations of our clients.