Air Products

Air Products is one of the world’s foremost suppliers of gases, providing atmospheric gases, process gases and special gases to numerous industrial segments, (petro)chemistry and the energy sector. These gases are, for instance, used for welding and cutting in the metal industry, for freezing and packaging in the food industry, for testing and analysing in laboratories, and for producing fuels in the petrochemical industry. Moreover, Air Products is one of the largest suppliers of hydrogen and LNG processing equipment. In close conjunction with its clients, Air Products also develops new applications as well as equipment for the use of gases in production processes.

With a realised turnover of USD 10.4 billion, Air Products is number 276 in the Fortune-500 index of exchange-listed companies and has been active in the Netherlands since 1971. With several production locations and its own pipeline network in place for supplying the petrochemical industry in the Rijnmond area, the Netherlands is among the most important investment countries for Air Products. After their investment in a new hydrogen factory in 2012, Air Products opened a new filling and distribution centre for cylinder gases in the town of Halfweg in 2015, supplying the cylinders to end users through a network of distributors. The city of Utrecht houses the European head office of the Electronics and Performance Materials division, which supplies special raw materials for the production of coatings and glues.