Attent Care and Treatment is a healthcare provider in the region of Doesburg, Dieren, Rheden, Velp, Arnhem and Overbetuwe. The institution has several healthcare facilities for the elderly, including nursing homes, care homes, rehabilitation centres and daycare facilities. In addition to these, Attent also provides home care.
Like many other care institutions, Attent was faced with far-reaching organizational and staffing changes, driven, on the one hand, by the changing care requirements of the elderly, and by the transition initiated by government on the other. In order to meet the new requirements, a new package of care products has been developed while the former nursing location ‘Gelders Hof’ in Dieren has been split into two separate care locations, ‘Intermezzo’ and ‘Hofstaete’. Wisse Kommunikatie has been responsible for both the internal and external communication related to this comprehensive process.