The Arnhem-based family business CCV is an international provider of payment services that owes its growth to its payment terminals. Around sixty percent of all Dutch payment terminals are currently supplied and serviced by CCV. In recent years, CCV has also been developing new solutions for improving and enhancing the payment process. It will soon be possible to make payments anytime and anywhere: offline, contactless and online, using either money or loyalty points.

CCV obtained a licence to process payment transactions from the Dutch National Bank (DNB) in 2007, and its Dutch market share has risen to around 10% since. Since processing payments offers plenty of opportunity for big-data solutions, heavy investments are being made in innovations, both internally and through takeovers, so as to be able to provide these solutions in the future. Meanwhile, CCV is also developing software for webshops and online transaction processing.

Our activities for CCV include developing content for use in the media and in CCV's own information channels. Moreover, we are trying to generate attention for new market developments, such as CCV’s loyalty scheme, for which we seek cooperation with intermediary organisations.