Duratherm, based in Elburg and an independent part of Draaijer Grondboringen Beheer BV, was one of the Dutch pioneers in geothermal heating. It designed and constructed geothermal heating systems and ensured that the necessary requirements, including oil analyses, feasibility studies, test drillings, authorisation procedures and service contracts, were fulfilled.

With the aid of a heat pump, geothermal heating systems use the constant soil temperature of around 10 degrees Celsius to heat structures in winter and to cool them in summer. The composition of the Dutch soil generally makes it highly suitable for installing geothermal energy systems

As geothermal systems are exceptionally clean, energy efficient and affordable, they made a rapid advance in our country, in part due to increasing stimulation efforts by the government. Unfortunately, this rapid advance came to a temporary halt due to the crisis in construction, particularly the new-build sector.