With branches in over 100 countries and over 50,000 employees worldwide, Essilor International is one of the largest manufacturers of spectacle lenses in the world. Its factory in Zevenaar produces around twenty million spectacle lenses of the Varilux brand annually in a fully automated production process.

In 1959 Essilor invented the varifocal lens, with separate sections for reading and remote vision polished into each lens glass. Since that time, Essilor has been devoted to improving the technology behind the lens, investing 5% of its annual turnover on R&D and holding over 5,600 patents. Its R&D activities focus on mapping people's viewing-behaviour, studying the physiology of the eye, perfecting eyesight, improving viewing comfort through new lens designs, as well as applying new materials and coatings.

Essilor sells its Varilux lenses in the Benelux countries through a network of independent opticians, who are actively supported with training and education, promotion and marketing materials and shop decoration. In addition, Essilor provides professional eye-measurement equipment, as well as equipment for the optician’s or optometrist’s workshop. Tomorrow's optician shop will have more and more modern equipment and high-tech gadgets to investigate the individual properties of people's eyes and to provide personalised spectacle lenses, custom made to the wearer's size.