HBM (Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik) is a German company producing innovative measurement and weighing equipment since 1950. HBM is able to offer the complete measurement chain, from sensors and data-acquisition equipment to the software for processing the data. Its equipment is being used in, among others, research institutions and laboratories in the automotive industry, the metal and process industry, the aerospace industry, engineering, ship building, offshoring and agriculture.

HBM produces weighing indicators and weighing electronics applied in industrial scales, weighbridges and silo scales. In addition, HBM supplies sensors for measuring pressure, force and torque, so-called load cells, as well as strain gauges for experimental stress analysis and for delivery to other producers of sensor technology. Several systems are available for data acquisition, and HBM develops its own software for the processing and presentation of measurement data. HBM supplies industry with industrial measuring amplifiers and data-acquisition systems to monitor and manage production processes. Its head office is located in Darmstadt. HBM Benelux is headquartered in Waalwijk, where the development centre of the Genesis data acquisition systems is also located.