HyMove was the name of a hydrogen demonstration project in the Arnhem region. The project was set up to gain practical experience with hydrogen-powered vehicles, as the initiators, the province of Gelderland, the City of Arnhem and the city region Arnhem-Nijmegen, were convinced of the importance of hydrogen as a source of energy in mobility in the near future. The project comprised the construction of a hydrogen bus, a delivery van for the City of Arnhem and several cars. In December 2015, the first public hydrogen fuelling station in the Netherlands was opened in Arnhem.

The project has yielded many interesting research data as well as useful practice with vehicle engineering, fuel station construction, safety and innovation acceptance. Communication and education were a main part of the project, aimed at sharing the experiences with governments, education, industry, public transport companies, environmental organisations and the public at large, both in the Arnhem region, nationally and beyond. With the striking bus design as their calling card, through the organisation of numerous events and their intensive media-relations, both HyMove and the City of Arnhem have succeeded in building huge name recognition and promoting Arnhem as the Dutch hydrogen capital.

Not only does HyMove live on in two new hydrogen projects in the region, involving four hydrogen buses running as part of regular timetables, it also resulted in HyMove B.V., a start-up company specialised in the design and production of (hydrogen-)electric, zero-emission buses.