Logistics Valley

Logistics Valley is a cooperation between three logistics hotspots in Southern Gelderland and Oost NV, which aims to stimulate economic development along the so-called Gelderland Corridor with the support of the Province of Gelderland and with a focus on logistic activities.

The Gelderland Corridor area is particularly attractive for logistics: strategically situated between the Dutch Randstad Area and the highly industrialised German Ruhr Area, it has a number of important east-to-west transport axes running through it, including the river Waal, the A15 motorway and the railway to Germany.

Since Logistics Valley aims to expand its activities substantially over the coming years, Wisse Kommunikatie will be developing a communication approach in conjunction with graphic design studio Diep Arnhem. Its aim will be to improve mutual cooperation and cohesion in the logistics sector, to achieve new collaborations with partners and clients from outside the region and to attract new business. Spearheads will include, among others, optimization of the regional infrastructure, the labour market, sustainability and innovation.