Neopixels is the manufacturer of the graphite pearls under the same name, developed for high-quality insulation of cavity walls and floors of crawl spaces. In part because of their graphite content, Neopixels insulate 20% more efficiently than traditional insulation materials, thus leading to better scores on energy-efficiency indices and substantially better economy for the client. For housing corporations, they lead to a higher classification of the property on credit-based rental-property indices and thus to higher rental income.

Neopixels uses a select group of the best installers, trained by the Neopixels Academy to perform the insulation activities correctly. If so desired, Neopixels will perform an extra quality check, together with the housing corporation, measuring and reporting, among others, the insulation values.

To boost the company communicatively, Wisse Kommunikatie has conducted a thorough positioning session first, based on which we have composed press materials with information about this innovative company for the visitors of an event for housing corporations.