Schell, based in the German town of Olpe, is one of the most important manufacturers of sanitary fittings. Schell GmbH & Co. KG Armaturentechnologie, as the company is now named, started its production of taps as early as 1932. Today, the assortment comprises basin taps, shower taps, stopcocks, toilet flushing systems, mounting modules, bib taps with check valves, regulating angle valves and radiator valves. The products are mainly applied in public buildings, institutions, industrial buildings, shops and sports facilities.

The company and its daughters in Belgium, France, Poland, Hungary and India employ around 450 people globally. In the Netherlands, Schell products are marketed by the firm Hamers & Kesbers, located in Huizen.

We produce Schell's press information and press releases, and we arrange press trips to specialised trade fairs and the Schell factory in Olpe. In addition, we produce technical articles and customer testimonials both for Schell’s internal use and for use in the press.