ThyssenKrupp Encasa

ThyssenKrupp Encasa is an international supplier of stair, house and platform lifts. The company is part of the Elevator Technology business area, which falls under the widely known ThyssenKrupp group. Its Dutch sales office and production facility are located in Krimpen aan den IJssel.

ThyssenKrupp is a market leader in many areas, not in the least because of the excellent reputation the German company has earned in over sixty years. All across the product range, real concern for customer needs, innovation, excellent quality at a realistic price and great service are the hallmark characteristics of this elevator giant.

Wisse Kommunikatie translates the company's impulse to innovate and its true sense of service into content for newsletters, press releases and articles. Together with the specialists of ThyssenKrupp, we have taken this process far beyond standard PR: using our own research into and advice on the healthcare transition in the Netherlands, we have managed to jointly position ThyssenKrupp Encasa as the party that helps devise solutions for prolonged independent living.