Topa Packaging

Topa Packaging is a company specialised in manufacturing transport packages. Besides offering a standard assortment of around 2,000 transport packages and packaging materials from its production location and warehouse in Lelystad, Topa also develops custom-made packages for its customers. Among its specialities are packaging systems for temperature-sensitive products, such as medication.

Topa also has in-house packaging experts to advise customers about optimal packaging for their specific products, where optimal implies offering protection against the harshest of circumstances during transport and facilitating the logistic process at the same time. To arrive at such packaging, Topa engineers use their own method to analyse the entire logistic process and those properties of the product relevant for packaging.

In Topa's own test facility, the Topa Institute, advanced equipment is used to test packages not only when falling, under pressure, and absorbing shocks and vibrations, but also when exposed to the climatic circumstances that might occur during transport. The Topa Institute is so well equipped that even third parties use it to test new packaging.