Software company VEEAM is a specialist in data availability. Its ultimate goal is to facilitate the always-on business, allowing companies to be available 24/7, 365 days a year without downtime. According to VEEAM, backups are an outdated concept, as data need not only be preserved but be available at all times as well, within a maximum downtime of 15 minutes

VEEAM’s solutions are a combination of virtualisation, storage and cloud technologies. Founded in 2006, VEEAM currently has 30,500 ProPartners and over 145,000 clients globally. Its head office is situated in Baar, Switzerland, and the company has branches all over the world.

Since its arrival in the Benelux countries in 2010, Wisse Kommunikatie has been responsible for the PR and media relations of this highly successful software supplier. From the onset, Wisse has been VEEAM's local PR conscience, offering both solicited and unsolicited advice on the use of both free and paid publicity. In recent years, over one hundred press releases have been issued, tens of articles published and over 20 interviews with VEEAM executives conducted. And, last but not least, several of Veeam’s studies have made the national newspapers.