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Communication strategy

Every strong brand begins with a strong plan. With plotting out the proper strategic lines, which are elaborated tactically and then implemented operationally. That works in terms of both organization and communication.

´Plan´ is the key term here. Without a communication plan, there can be no good corporate communication and no successful job market communication; without a crisis communication plan, there is no insight into the risks and no defense against unpleasant media and other stakeholders.

You build and maintain a brand on the basis of the strategy, by mobilizing the right content.

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Communication research

Measuring is knowing. Also in communication.

When an organization knows its history, knows where it currently stands and has a view of what will happen in the long run, it has crucial information in its hands. From a marketing perspective as well as an organizational and communicative one.

Structural research is necessary in order to obtain and keep this information about past, present and future. Thus for various clients Wisse Kommunikatie conducts an annual reputation study, image research or stakeholder analysis in order to determine how the different target groups see the organization and how the communication with them contributed to their perception of it. Often this research is followed by an issue study, in which we map out the communicative themes the client can use to distinguish itself.

Corporate communicatie

Corporate communication

The concept of ´corporate communication´ has many definitions. One particularly apt description notes that ´corporate communication encompasses the communication of the organization and the organization of the communication.´ Both elements are entrusted to our consultants. Writing is first nature to us, with the management of communication projects and structures a close second.

Crisis communication

Every organization can find itself confronted with a crisis situation. Whatever its nature may be, immediate action is required. Certainly in today´s media landscape, where news is spread like wildfire by journalists eager to score and social media.

Help in case of crisis?

If you need help during a crisis or disaster, our four crisis communication consultants are ready for you at our central crisis number +31 26 3720871. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day. And it doesn´t matter whether your organization is already one of our 50 crisis clients or you are contacting us for the first time.


Job market communication

A tight job market, competition within the sector, ageing personnel, recruiting fresh talent and retaining existing employees: many companies have to deal with these issues. Effective job market communication is indispensable for being able to meet these challenges.

Our consultants are happy to advise and support you in the areas of:

  • Employer branding
    The structural and distinctive profiling of the organization as a good employer
  • Recruitment
    Defining, finding and then interesting the target groups by means of attractive job postings
  • Employee relationship management
    Keeping hold of the employees who are already on board by means of transparent internal communication that reflects the involvement of the employees
  • Connection
    The creation of a sense of connection, loyalty and satisfaction amongst the employees, so that they in turn are enthusiastic about the organization

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