Need help with a crisis?

If you require immediate assistance with a crisis or emergency, our five crisis communication consultants are able to help, seven days a week, 24 hours per day.

You can reach us on our central crisis number +31 (0)26-3720871.

Your first points of contact are Serge Beckers and Theo Snijders at Wisse Kommunikatie. Our crisis team is supplemented by Douwe de Joode, Jan Scholten and Jacqueline Vredenbregt, who have been acting as our back-up for years. All five members of the team have ample experience in crisis communication in many different sectors, yet each, of course, also offers their own specific, distinctive crisis experience.

If you would like information on the possibilities and advantages of our crisis communication contract, please don’t hesitate to contact Serge Beckers or Theo Snijders.