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As you can see on our Dutch cases section, we have been involved in very interesting communication cases for a large number of clients.

For example, we have developed a complete podcast series for SIDN, we have been creating optimal visibility for IT company ServiceNow in the Dutch (trade) media for years, and we have had the least accessible place in the Netherlands fitted with a stairlift on behalf of thyssenkrupp.

For pharmaceutical company Mallinckrodt, our consultants developed a concept for the introduction of a drug against Multiple Sclerosis, including all plans and resources, and we gave the PinkRoccade MijnCaress EHR application a boost through journalistic content automation.

10 Kunstmatige boekrecensie_2
10 Kunstmatige boekrecensie_2

And there are many more examples of the exciting activities we deployed. But since the vast majority of these activities is related to the Dutch situation, we did not think it necessary to translate all the Dutch cases.

However, if your eye happens to catch a case that you would like to learn more about, we will be happy to tell you in person what the assignment was, how we approached it and what the result was.

On the Contact page you will find all the information you need to contact us.

National or international ambitions in commmunication?

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