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Content strategy

Without exception, our PR consultants have a sharp touch. Regardless of whether that entails touching a keyboard, a social button or the record button on a microphone or camera. We know how to create just the right content for every client.

Whether it involves a web text for a construction sector supplier, social posts for a healthcare facility, a whitepaper for an ECD supplier, a brochure for a stair lift manufacturer, or a podcast for the manager of the .nl domain: we handle the content, the form and the channel, and elaborate a carefully thought-out content strategy for an optimal impact.

In it we bring together all the elements of the PESO model, deploying a balanced mix of Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned in order to develop the name recognition and reputation of our clients and optimize the acceptance and implementation of their innovations.

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Marketing support

Where desired, we also help think about the marketing resources. Over the years, PR and marketing have grown ever closer to one another, and in the meantime they can no longer manage without each other - at least for organizations that are striving for an optimal result. Therefore many of our ´commercial clients´ trust our sharp eye and pen to put their sales and marketing activities in the proper context and enable them to reach the right people.

Advertising and mediaplanning

PR and advertising too were once further apart from one another than they are today. In fact, earlier they were actually incompatible, since advertising was all about commercial messages that were placed in the mass media for enormous sums of money, while PR was based on balanced content that was so important that the media couldn´t ignore it.

But in the meantime, both camps have come to understand that they are complementary. So our consultants not only advise about free publicity, they also don´t hesitate to bring a relevant paid channel to the client´s attention. In that case as well journalistic content creation remains crucial, because ´we PR people´ know that while, say, cheesy slogans are sometimes fun for low-involvement products, they are of little help if you want to give clients from healthcare, IT or industry the attention and the editorial space they deserve.

Social media support

Social media support

The biggest pitfall in social media is simply starting without a plan, in order to then underestimate how much time the activities cost and ultimately have to shut them down. Without the right social media strategy, the activities are apt to be scattershot and poorly targeted.

But social media are an important part of the PESO model: they offer the possibility of sharing your message unchanged with your network. But in order to also actually get the messages shown on the timeline of your followers, the channels must be active and you will have to take the time to enter into the interaction.

We are delighted to take these tasks off your hands! Your role as client lies above all in being available for harmonization and approval. We do the rest: we advise on the right way to create attention for your innovation, we post weekly in an organic way, support where necessary with social media campaigns, monitor on a daily basis and offer assistance for expanding the network.

Have you already thought about your content strategy?

We like thinking together with you. Don´t hesitate to contact our consultants for more information, or simply in order to do a bit of brainstorming.