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What is Journalistic Content Automation?

Companies bombard us with between 6,000 and 10,000 advertisements every day. You and your competitors are fighting for the attention of the consumer via blogs, videos, podcasts, ads, advertorials and social media posts and other content. So it´s hard to stand out amidst all that media overload.

And yet your organization can become more visible than your competitors. How? Firstly, by making sure that you approach your target groups on the basis of a content strategy. This strategy is all about making the content that you offer genuinely relevant for your target group. And ensuring that the content is offered at the right moment in the customer journey.

This strategy forms the basis of the concept that Wisse Kommunikatie has developed: Journalistic Content Automation; the combination of journalistic content and marketing automation.

In the whitepaper we wrote on this subject, you will read (amongst other things) about how you personalize and automate the bond with your target groups, when you mobilize which content, and naturally what advantages Journalistic Content Automation offers.


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