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Lead generation

How do you win the attention of potential customers and awaken their interest for your services? How do you strengthen the contact with your leads and convert them into customers? And how do you even connect with your prospects when there are no physical contact moments, such as during the pandemic? With lead generation.

With the right approach, expertise and tools, you create down to the finest level insight into your traffic and the behavior of your visitors, and you come into contact with potential customers, wherever they might be.

With the term "lead generation" one often thinks exclusively of sales and marketing activities, but at Wisse Kommunikatie we add to this another professional field: PR. Because it is precisely the PR consultants who can write the content for the campaign. And we are also the ones who understand which specialized media fit with the target group, so that a campaign really delivers the desired ROI.

There are many ways to approach leads, but the success of lead generation resides in very strong content. Content that can be used in different ways, for example in the form of blogs that are used in content marketing or newsletters that are sent via marketing automation. Or content that can serve as the basis for a podcast or webinar.

But the real synergy of marketing, sales, PR and content is best expressed in our most recent service: Journalistic Content Automation.

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Content marketing

Thanks to our many years of experience in PR and the sharp pen of our consultants, Wisse Kommunikatie has all the knowledge and skills in house to write the ideal content for marketing purposes in every stage of the customer journey. In doing so account is naturally taken of SEO, but the focus lies on the information that the target group wishes to receive. At the right time, in the most appropriate form.

Because good marketing isn’t a matter of blasting away indiscriminately with a 10-gauge and seeing who you hit. Good marketing equals excellent content, at the right moment, tightly aimed at the proper target group.

For the most detailed insight into the target groups, the creation of personas and the dissemination of content we use several tried-and-tested tools, including SharpSpring, which offer us a wide range of possibilities

Marketing automation

Marketing automation

For many, marketing automation is synonymous with a piece of smart lead generation software; for us it is part of a new concept for optimizing marketing and communication.

We are convinced that a tool is just an empty shell until you do something relevant with it. And that is why we embed our marketing automation tool in a complete service. In so doing, the software streamlines the process and regulates the administrative possibilities, but only the combination with journalistically sound content assures real impact.

In our service ‘Journalistic Content Automation’, the technology - in this case, SharpSpring - is the vehicle for efficiently disseminating content, the truly valuable asset in this story. And it is up to the PR professional to make this content personal, newsworthy, gripping and convincing.

Journalistic Content Automation

Marketing and content marketing thus amount to little without the right content. And so we introduced the ´Journalistic Content Automation´ service.
The objective of Journalistic Content Automation is to increase the involvement of target groups within essential decision processes by the (automated) offering of relevant journalistic content.

The service thus consists of two components: a marketing automation tool and good content.

Journalistic content
By structurally mobilizing the informative and convincing power of journalistic content, at each step in the process the target group becomes more convinced of the product, the service or the reputation of a company. This can be owned content, but also earned, shared and paid content.

Marketing automation
By testing and optimizing the impact of the journalistic content in the different phases of the funnel, at important moments in the decision-making process contact moments are used and where possible automated, in order to ultimately convert leads into customers, applicants into employees, and users into ambassadors.

Wisse Kommunikatie has several SharpSpring specialists in house and therefore figures prominently on the list of SharpSpring certified partners. This shows that we have the right knowledge and skills in house to make lead generation a success for every company.

Whitepaper on Journalistic Content Automation

Like to know more about what Wisse Kommunikatie´s Journalistic Content Automation can mean for your company? Then read more about our most recent service by downloading the whitepaper!