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News and blogs

This page is dedicated to blogs written by our staff, and is also where we regularly publish news about our clients, our firm and our office in Belgium. We also post information here about our industry association VPRA, and about our partners in the Worldcom Public Relations Group.


  • 14-06-2018
    European Communication Monitor: key findings

    Based on responses from almost 3,100 senior professionals from 48 European countries, this years’ edition of the European Communication Monitor (#ECM18) reveals that despite the persisting debate about fake news across Europe (agreed upon by 55.8% of the respondents), this does not filter into the day to day experiences of communication practitioners (24.4%). The most affected by fake news are government-owned, public sector and political organisations (44.6% have been affected at least once in 2017/2018). More key findings, e.g. about work engagement and stress, job satisfaction and its drivers as well as the status of leadership in communication units, can be found by clicking on the ‘read more’ button.» Read more

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  • 08-05-2018
    Work in PRogress (2)

    We’ve managed to add yet another great new client to our medical portfolio: Ethypharm.» Read more

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  • 07-06-2018
    Build Loyalty with Peer-to-Peer Healthcare Communities

    Every hospital and healthcare delivery system wants to build a deep connection with patients, families, and the community. But sometimes far more powerful connections can be formed when the organization takes a step back and allows those audiences to connect with each other with user-generated content.» Read more

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  • 09-03-2018

    Marlous Fortuin gives her views on the phenomenon of data-driven marketing. “It is exactly the creative ideas that attract extra attention and have earned a place in marketing for doing so."» Read more

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