News and blogs

News and blogs

This page is dedicated to blogs written by our staff, and is also where we regularly publish news about our clients, our firm and our office in Belgium. We also post information here about our industry association VPRA, and about our partners in the Worldcom Public Relations Group.


  • 24-07-2017
    The HyMove bus: a never-ending story

    Between 2010 and 2014, we supported HyMove with an extensive package of communication activities for the Arnhem-based hydrogen project HyMove. After that we supported them with the commercial spin-off, HyMove B.V. Now we can announce HyMove's success story world-wide.» Read more

  • 24-07-2017
    Partnership with Arnhem Business School and start-ups

    Wisse Kommunikatie has developed a partnership for and with the Arnhem Business School, part of the HAN University of Applied Sciences, which includes a start-up accelerator.» Read more

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  • 20-06-2017
    Measuring the effect of PR? 68 PR tools in a row

    What is the effect of PR on the turnover of a company?» Read more

  • 17-06-2017
    Fake news: a Bulgarian approach

    Open any newspaper today, and it will mention fake news. Many media and journalists are struggling with the question of how to report on fake news.» Read more

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