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  • 07-06-2018
    Build Loyalty with Peer-to-Peer Healthcare Communities

    Every hospital and healthcare delivery system wants to build a deep connection with patients, families, and the community. But sometimes far more powerful connections can be formed when the organization takes a step back and allows those audiences to connect with each other with user-generated content.» Read more

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  • 09-03-2018

    Marlous Fortuin gives her views on the phenomenon of data-driven marketing. “It is exactly the creative ideas that attract extra attention and have earned a place in marketing for doing so."» Read more

  • 30-11-2017
    Small campaigns, big results

    Every PR agency has a number of clients on a budget. These are often the clients that bring out your most creative side and where results achieved are the most rewarding. Nevertheless, it may be difficult at times to strike a balance between the available budget and the time invested in the client.» Read more

  • 23-11-2017
    7 steps to monetize content

    Potential customers in the B2B-chain increasingly base their search for the right products, services and suppliers on relevant digital content these days. Meanwhile there is sufficient data showing that they do most of their research into an organization online before they even contact someone from sales. This makes a content marketing strategy that is fully tailored to the target group and aims to deliver real-world results a requirement.» Read more