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7 steps to monetize content

Potential customers in the B2B-chain increasingly base their search for the right products, services and suppliers on relevant digital content these days. Meanwhile there is sufficient data showing that they do most of their research into an organization online before they even contact someone from sales. This makes a content marketing strategy that is fully tailored to the target group and aims to deliver real-world results a requirement.

Companies have different online and offline tactics to lure potential customers into the sales funnel and thus generate revenue. These tactics include SEO, web design, paid search, media relations, direct/email marketing and analytics. But how do companies, and marketers in particular, ensure that these tools together will actually bring in money?


Our American Worldcom partner Padilla has developed a dedicated marketing model to this end: Driving Revenue with Content (DRC). DRC is an integrated approach that allows for the creation of a consistent digital footprint for a brand or organization. It is all about the generation of leads and sales, based on offering premium content according to the Paid, Earned, Shared en Owned (PESO) model.

An integrated DRC campaign consists of the following seven steps:

  1. Map your key clients, their needs and the benefits that your organization offers them compared to the competition
  2. Determine the communication objectives and formulate key messages
  3. Optimize the website
  4. Start creating killer content
  5. (Re)use content in the entire online ecosystem according to the PESO model
  6. Catch and follow website visitors and their interests; maintain leads throughout the sales funnel
  7. Collect data, measure results and continuously keep improving campaigns.

Looking for a way to get more out of your company's content marketing activities? Download the Padilla e-book now. This e-book contains a step-by-step description of how companies can create content that actually generate money.

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