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Measuring the effect of PR? 68 PR tools in a row

What is the effect of PR on the turnover of a company? To answer that annoying but sensible question, PR agencies traditionally refer to indicators such as the number of views or posts or to the relevance of the medium, which is often categorized as gold, silver or bronze or tier 1, 2 or 3 in the Anglo-Saxon models. Gradually, however, even the most traditional PR companies are starting to realize that these indicators don’t say anything about the effectiveness of a campaign.

Of course not. Just think about it: if a site has three million visitors, it doesn't mean that three million different people will actually have read its content. The number of views, impressions or posts offers a vague indication of the effect of a campaign at best. There are many more factors that need to be added to the equation to obtain a good image of the impact of a campaign, including, for example, the tone of the reporting, the Google authority of the site that places the article, the ability of the content to pull prospects through the ‘sales funnel’, and the target group that the content actually reaches.

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So, the question remains: how exactly to measure the contribution of PR to your sales? How to calculate the ROI, the return on investments? The PR sector often remains unable to answer those questions. Perhaps it will never be able to do so completely and conclusively, certainly not to those accountants or managers who prefer measuring and monitoring everything to the last detail.

But we can reassure their more moderate counterparts: it is possible for companies to ensure optimal return on their PR efforts. One way of doing so is to map the referral traffic of qualified leads that comes in through postings in magazines, on social media or on blogs. Or by keeping the momentum of your campaign by means of properly targeted and timed SEA activities. Another option is to monitor who writes what, when and where about you and who you can consider your ambassadors and influencers based on their behaviour.

At our request, our intern, Leonardo Puri, has compiled a list of some 70 PR tools that map and monitor all this and much more. Find out how they work in the overview below.

A number of these tools will be further explained in another blog post.

PR tools
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