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The PRspective section discusses news from our sector. This news message encouraged our colleague Marlous Fortuin to give her views on the phenomenon of data-driven marketing. In data-driven marketing decisions are not taken based on intuition or previous experiences but on the basis of data.

‘Data-driven marketing is per definition about figures: visitor numbers, analyses of purchasing behaviour, conversion rates and ROI. Of course, figures offer a lot of insight and can underpin your strategy; at Wisse, we also analyse the figures to determine what constitutes a success or a potential success. At the same time, many companies take their focus on numbers so far that creative ideas are relegated to the background. I think this is a pity, because it is exactly these creative ideas that attract extra attention and have earned a place in marketing for doing so.

Filling a shopping cart on your website doesn’t make people talk about your brand and company, unless you give them a substantial discount. This sort of attention is nice if you are into predatory pricing, but not if your company prides itself on other core values. In those cases, people will talk about you if you are noticed in different ways: if you made that particular magazine with an article and your photo, if your ad drew people’s attention, if your website stands out through its design or if your advertising message is very humorous. While numbers are a good starting point, don't forget to also look beyond them and let creativity in.

Marlous Fortuin

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