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After receiving the Iconic Award 2017 for the Washbasin Thermostat Fitting, the German Design Award 2018 has now also been granted

Schell is again among the winners of the worldwide most significant design competition with its outstanding technological developments: The German Design Council has granted the international premium price German Design Award 2018 in the category “Bath and Wellness” for the electronic washbasin fitting Xeris E-T with thermostat.

The German Design Award enjoys a high reputation worldwide. Only groundbreaking design and technology trends have a chance of winning this international competition. Degree of innovation and independence, design quality, practical advantage and ecological benefits are only some of the criteria used by the 43-member expert jury in making their decision. Only a few outstanding solutions among the 5,000 submissions were awarded this price – the sophisticated washbasin thermostat fitting XERIS E-T from Schell is one of them.

“The industrial designer blends all disciplines such as design, ergonomics and aesthetics at an early stage of development. He develops a concept that meets all respective technical requirements while exhibiting the potential for the expansion of the design to the complete product line.

Designing a future-proof as well as an elegant product that hides the complexity of the task constitutes the actual challenge. We happened to succeed with the Xeris; it adds an unobtrusive, durable and very aesthetic look to the values of Schell Company.” 

Uwe Spannagel, Industrial Designer

Xeris E-T, the contact-free electronic fitting with the compact thermostat handle does not only look particularly aesthetic but also features easy, ergonomic and safe handling. Numerous functions that become increasingly important – both, in regard to health and the demographic change – have been integrated: scalding protection at 38 °C, a quick-response safety valve that cuts off the hot water supply within a second in case the cold water supply fails, time-controlled stagnation flush programs, thermal disinfection and the optional integration of the fitting into the Schell water management system.

All these properties guarantee maximum hygiene, safety, and convenience. In addition, the sophisticated and advanced cartridge technology secures resource-preserving water and energy consumption. Furthermore, the XERIS E-T is resistant against environmental influences and vandalism. This makes it the perfect fitting for any upscale, public, semi-public, commercial and sensitive sanitary room.

With the German Design Award 2018 for the washbasin fitting Xeris E-T, Schell as one of the worldwide leading providers of sanitary fittings and system solutions, continues its success story of the past years. On the one hand, the outstanding award reflects the growing significance of drinking water hygiene and health protection in a growing and simultaneously ageing society. On the other hand, it is an expression of the growing awareness that high-quality design plays an increasing role also in the highly frequented sanitary room.

Dirk Lückemann, Schell Managing Director Marketing and Sales: “Ensuring the quality of drinking water and user hygiene, a core competency at Schell, becomes increasingly important at the market. It is a firm component of our corporate philosophy.”

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