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  • 22-01-2019
    New client: Master Lock

    In February, Wisse Kommunikatie has welcomed Master Lock as a new client, an American manufacturer of locks and safety products.» Read more

  • 01-01-2019
    Wisse makes MT Top 1000 again

    Wisse Kommunikatie ranks 499th in the MT Top 1000 of best Dutch business service providers of 2018. This is a great result for a medium-sized communications consultancy agency as the list includes many large, well-known Dutch service providers. In the separate ranking of communication consultancy firms, Wisse finished in 14th place this year.» Read more

  • 01-01-2019
    The secret of a successful customer event: don't just talk about yourself

    Every year, our client Cornerstone OnDemand organizes its no-holds-barred customer event Convergence. Convergence is more than just a good news show, however: visitors are inspired and motivated to go off the beaten track.» Read more

  • 01-01-2019
    Wisse supports its clients with new crisis management app

    Wisse Kommunikatie has partnered with CrisisConnect, a new app for crisis management support. With this app, users have all the important contacts and information, such as scripts, FAFS and emergency plans and task cards, at hand in just a few taps.» Read more

  • 01-01-2019
    Wisse takes on EU project

    Together with its Worldcom partners, Wisse Kommunikatie has been working for several months on an interesting, scientific project of the European Union, aimed at climate change: Copernicus.» Read more

  • 01-01-2019
    Is neuromarketing a myth?

    Authors of opinion blogs that are really concealed promotion for their own products hope that their audience will actively discuss what has been written on their blog. Whether the commenters are supporters or opponents of the opinions expressed on the blog is irrelevant; there is no such thing as bad PR. Therefore, the author of the article about neuromarketing on the Dutch platform Marketingfacts must have rejoiced over the sometimes neurotic reactions to his contribution, which even led to additional attention in the form of an editorial by the editor in chief.» Read more

  • 18-10-2018
    Wisse Kommunikatie: presence in Germany

    We have opened a branch office in Düsseldorf to further professionalise and streamline our communication and PR activities in Germany.» Read more

  • 18-10-2018
    Spotlight: Labour-market communication

    From employer branding to recruitment: finding, recruiting, motivating and retaining the right people for your organisation requires a specific form of communication: labour-market communication.» Read more

  • 18-10-2018
    New client: Doosan Bobcat

    Wisse Kommunikatie has expanded its construction portfolio with Doosan Bobcat, a supplier of equipment for construction, earth moving, forestry, landscaping and agriculture.» Read more

  • 18-10-2018
    PRspective: taking a stand as a brand; just do it?

    Criticism abounded when Nike announced that Colin Kaepernick was to be the figurehead of its next advertising campaign. The sports brand seems to prevail however.» Read more

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