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  • 18-10-2018
    Wisse Kommunikatie: presence in Germany

    We have opened a branch office in Düsseldorf to further professionalise and streamline our communication and PR activities in Germany.» Read more

  • 18-10-2018
    Spotlight: Labour-market communication

    From employer branding to recruitment: finding, recruiting, motivating and retaining the right people for your organisation requires a specific form of communication: labour-market communication.» Read more

  • 18-10-2018
    New client: Doosan Bobcat

    Wisse Kommunikatie has expanded its construction portfolio with Doosan Bobcat, a supplier of equipment for construction, earth moving, forestry, landscaping and agriculture.» Read more

  • 18-10-2018
    PRspective: taking a stand as a brand; just do it?

    Criticism abounded when Nike announced that Colin Kaepernick was to be the figurehead of its next advertising campaign. The sports brand seems to prevail however.» Read more

  • 18-10-2018
    Focus on a partner: Radius

    Wisse Kommunikatie supports many clients in their PR and communication efforts abroad To this end, we work together with our international partners. We are proud to introduce Radius.» Read more

  • 18-10-2018
    Top Blog: ‘Employer branding should hurt a little’

    It is a misconception that companies want to hire the absolute best. What counts is hiring ‘the best among the available’. But which employee suits your company? And how can job candidates know whether your company suits them? The secret is differentiation. This can get a boost through good employer branding, aimed at deterring rather than attracting people. Employer branding has to be unsettling and should hurt a little too.» Read more

  • 20-07-2018
    New client: Rockwell

    Wisse Kommunikatie has expanded its industrial portfolio by adding Rockwell Automation, one of the largest global players in industrial automation.» Read more

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  • 20-07-2018
    New: Gatekeeper training

    Crisis alerts tend to reach reception desk staff, emergency response team members or nursing staff first. It is for these staff members that we have developed our gatekeeper training, where they will be offered techniques and written protocols for involving the right people in the right way during a crisis alert.» Read more

  • 20-07-2018
    New activity for the healthcare market: research

    Together with one of our crisis contract partners and an external research agency, we conducted two studies that may also be relevant for other organizations in healthcare: a reputation survey and an issue management study.» Read more

  • 20-07-2018
    Partner in Focus: Kaizo

    Wisse Kommunikatie supports many clients in their PR and communication efforts abroad. To this end, we collaborate with our international partners. We proudly present our British Worldcom partner: Kaizo.» Read more

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