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  • 25-10-2017
    New clients

    The summer was particularly good for Wisse Kommunikatie and not just because of the holidays or the nice sailing weather: no fewer than five new clients decided to hop on board.» Read more

  • 25-10-2017
    New IT-clients

    Wisse Kommunikatie has been able to extend its IT portfolio once more with a number of interesting clients.» Read more

  • 25-10-2017
    Organization Dutch PR Awards 2017

    Wisse Kommunikatie played a major role in the organization of and communication about the Dutch PR Awards earlier this year. The awards were presented for the fifth time by the VPRA, the branch organization for public relations and communication agencies» Read more

  • 25-10-2017
    Koen Uijt de Haag to strengthen the team

    Our team has been extended with consultant Koen Uijt de Haag. We proudly introduce him to you.» Read more

  • 25-10-2017
    Serge Beckers new Board Member at Worldcom PR Group

    During the Helsinki EMEA meeting of the Worldcom PR Group, the latest trends in the PR sector were discussed and experiences exchanged, as usual. What made this meeting special, however, was that a new German partner joined our network and that Serge Beckers was elected Member of the Board of Directors for the EMEA region.» Read more

  • 24-07-2017
    The HyMove bus: a never-ending story

    Between 2010 and 2014, we supported HyMove with an extensive package of communication activities for the Arnhem-based hydrogen project HyMove. After that we supported them with the commercial spin-off, HyMove B.V. Now we can announce HyMove's success story world-wide.» Read more

  • 24-07-2017
    Partnership with Arnhem Business School and start-ups

    Wisse Kommunikatie has developed a partnership for and with the Arnhem Business School, part of the HAN University of Applied Sciences, which includes a start-up accelerator.» Read more

  • 22-06-2017
    New client Livv Mobile Health

    We welcome a very interesting new client this month: Livv Mobile Health.» Read more

  • 04-04-2017
    Online content platform as branding tool

    The research carried out by our intern Saffira Holtman on the role of online content platforms in branding has been completed.» Read more

  • 30-03-2017
    Dutch Open Hackathon – looking back

    Wisse Kommunikatie had the pleasure of handling both the media relations and the social-media activities for the Dutch Open Hackathon 2016. We have summarized the results of our efforts.» Read more

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