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  • 20-07-2018
    New client: Rockwell

    Wisse Kommunikatie has expanded its industrial portfolio by adding Rockwell Automation, one of the largest global players in industrial automation.» Read more

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  • 20-07-2018
    New: Gatekeeper training

    Crisis alerts tend to reach reception desk staff, emergency response team members or nursing staff first. It is for these staff members that we have developed our gatekeeper training, where they will be offered techniques and written protocols for involving the right people in the right way during a crisis alert.» Read more

  • 20-07-2018
    New activity for the healthcare market: research

    Together with one of our crisis contract partners and an external research agency, we conducted two studies that may also be relevant for other organizations in healthcare: a reputation survey and an issue management study.» Read more

  • 20-07-2018
    Partner in Focus: Kaizo

    Wisse Kommunikatie supports many clients in their PR and communication efforts abroad. To this end, we collaborate with our international partners. We proudly present our British Worldcom partner: Kaizo.» Read more

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  • 14-06-2018
    European Communication Monitor: key findings

    Based on responses from almost 3,100 senior professionals from 48 European countries, this years’ edition of the European Communication Monitor (#ECM18) reveals that despite the persisting debate about fake news across Europe (agreed upon by 55.8% of the respondents), this does not filter into the day to day experiences of communication practitioners (24.4%). The most affected by fake news are government-owned, public sector and political organisations (44.6% have been affected at least once in 2017/2018). More key findings, e.g. about work engagement and stress, job satisfaction and its drivers as well as the status of leadership in communication units, can be found by clicking on the ‘read more’ button.» Read more

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  • 08-05-2018
    Work in PRogress (2)

    We’ve managed to add yet another great new client to our medical portfolio: Ethypharm.» Read more

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  • 08-05-2018
    Spotlight: PR and Media Relations

    Offering content to the media is still one of Wisse Kommunikatie’s core activities. This content must meet certain requirements to get it published, however. Managing Partner Theo Snijders elaborates on these requirements.» Read more

  • 08-05-2018
    Sharing Knowledge: Wisse Kommunikatie in the classroom

    This semester Wisse Kommunikatie will be teaching the PR course unit for HAN UAS students, which introduces them to the world of PR, media relations, production of content such as press releases, and social media.» Read more

  • 08-05-2018

    Koen Uijt de Haag on preparation: “The client often has no idea of the actual number of man-hours and the amount of work behind a proposal or a service.”» Read more

  • 08-05-2018
    Partner Focus: Janev & Janev

    Wisse Kommunikatie supports many clients in their PR and communication efforts abroad through collaboration with international partner agencies. We proudly introduce you to our partner: Janev & Janev, from the Bulgarian capital of Sofia.» Read more

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