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Avid interest in new HyMove hydrogen bus

On Friday 17 June, HyMove B.V officially presented a new hydrogen bus to public transportation company Syntus. Syntus has been deploying the bus in the Arnhem-Apeldoorn region since July. The new hydrogen bus does not emit any harmful substances whatsoever and is very quiet. Wisse Kommunikatie was involved in the organisation of the event at the Kleefse Waard industrial zone in Arnhem and was responsible for communication with the media. 

2016-06-23 Hymove-041.jpg

The great press interest for the presentation of the new bus demonstrates that the application of hydrogen in transportation is an attractive topic. Besides the innovative technology of the bus and the environmental aspects, the involvement of several regional organizations and businesses in the project turned out to be an interesting aspect for the media, as well as the economic potential of hydrogen as a fuel.

The new generation of hydrogen buses, for which HyMove has provided the fuel-cell system, are the successors to the HyMove project, which yielded practical experience in driving on hydrogen in the Arnhem region between 2009 and 2013. At the time, Wisse Kommunikatie and its partner Diep Arnhem were responsible for all communication activities, ranging from house-style and website to newsletters and maintaining media relations.

Immediately after the weekend, the bus went on a tour to Rotterdam, which was hosting a large conference about European transportation networks. Conference-goers could take a bus ride and discover for themselves the comfort of a hydrogen bus.