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Focus on a partner: Radius

Wisse Kommunikatie supports many clients in their PR and communication efforts abroad. To this end, we collaborate with our partners in the Worldcom Public Relations Group, the largest network of independent PR agencies in the world, with over 132 partners in 95 countries and more than 2000 communication specialists. The Worldcom EMEA Meeting was held in Copenhagen in the middle of September. Our Danish partner Radius hosted this annual meeting between all European, Middle Eastern and African members of the network.

Radius was founded by managing director Nicolaj Taudorf Andersen in 2003. Management today includes Henrik Fallesen and Asbjørn Haugstrup. Together they manage approximately 40 employees. At Radius, each client has its own team, composed of people with different areas of expertise and experiences in communication, PR and content marketing. The Danes are nevertheless averse to labelling their activities. Their motto is to offer communication advice that makes a difference for companies, organisations, people and society.

Radius’ clients operate in various sectors, both nationally and internationally, and include dairy producer Arla, DBA (the Danish version of eBay), software giant Microsoft and the Danish travel agency Spies Rejser. Their activities for these clients are very diverse, ranging from a cow using twitter to the Do-it-for-mom campaign, which was the abovementioned travel agency's inventive and successful contribution to population growth in Denmark.

Despite the humorous approach in much of their work, Radius believes that credibility is the main ingredient of communication, the factor that determines whether a message gets across as intended. This conviction is also the basis for their annual survey of Danish confidence in specific occupational groups. Note that the top-three most reliable occupational groups in this year's analysis are obstetricians, nurses and physicians. Right at the bottom, we find journalists, car salesmen and politicians…