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Hanneke van Heijster reinforces Wisse team

As per 1 May, Hanneke van Heijster started as a junior consultant at Wisse Kommunikatie. During her Communication & Influencing major, she was already an intern at Wisse Kommunikatie, doing research into crisis communication in the chemical industry. After she graduated, she decided to contact Wisse again with the request to further pursue her research. Hanneke is currently involved in organizing a seminar about crisis communication in the chemical industry due to take place in October. Besides this, she is working for different clients to gain experience in PR.

‘Thanks to our clients from different segments I can familiarize myself with new products and services. I consider it a challenge to deepen my understanding of new subjects and write about them’, says Hanneke. Wisse’s international outlook also represents a great opportunity for Hanneke. Already in her first month, she was allowed to attend the Worldcom Youth Meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria, to exchange knowledge and ideas with other young PR consultants from several European agencies.

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