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Is your organisation prepared for Brexit?

The UK’s exit from the EU, scheduled for 30 March 2019, will affect a whole range of businesses and organisations – and not just in the UK.

The UK is about to embark on the 2nd phase of exit negotiations with the EU. This phase will focus on the terms of the future relationship that will exist between the UK and the EU after March 2019.

Key questions over the next 12 months include:

  • Brexit poses significant challenges to businesses – the uncertainty about the trading relationship between the UK and the EU being the obvious one. Is March 2019 a realistic date for businesses to expect a new trading relationship to be in place?
  • If there is a transitional arrangement agreed, how long should it be in place for?
  • What would be the impact on businesses in the UK and the EU if the UK fell back on WTO rules post -Brexit?


Worldcom partners on both sides of the Channel share their views on this major political event.

You can read the views from London and Brussels in the first Brexit Bulletin.