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New clients

The summer was particularly good for Wisse Kommunikatie and not just because of the holidays or the nice sailing weather: no fewer than five new clients decided to hop on board. Recharging the battery for two full weeks before passionately pitching and rabidly responding to RFPs again apparently works quite well.

Let's find out if going skiing has the same effect on our customer base...

Toshiba Medical Systems

Toshiba Medical Systems is the latest showpiece in Wisse Kommunikatie's medical portfolio.

This Japanese multinational is known worldwide as a supplier of high-end medical imaging systems for diagnostics that make use of CT, X-ray, ultrasound or MRI.

Toshiba Medical.png

Wisse Kommunikatie will serve as lead agency and, together with its Worldcom partners in Germany, France, Italy and Spain, will ensure that Toshiba's content and that of its partner Canon reaches the right people in the most efficient way.


This was an RFP process and naturally the object of many covetous desires. Who would not want to communicate about the future, after all? And that is exactly what we will do on behalf of Ultimaker, a Dutch visionary in the field of 3D printing.

With our knowledge of other '3D' parties, such as Autodesk and Faro, but above all through our communicative clout in the Benelux, we and our colleagues from InstiCOM managed to convince Ultimaker to select the Wisse team for its PR activities.



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