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New technologies for big data in PR at the 2016 Worldcom Youth Meeting

The 6th regular WorldCom Next Generation Meeting of international PR experts, was held in Sofia at the beginning of June.  

The main topic of the annual WorldCom Meeting for young communication professionals was the advanced modern technologies and artificial intelligence systems used in communications. 

Representatives of the EMEA region - 15 young consultants from the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, France and Bulgaria took part. Marjolein Tijdink and Hanneke van Heijster represented Wisse Kommunikatie at the meeting.

Real time on line systems for gathering and analyzing information were presented by the outstanding professionals Milena Yankova, marketing Director at Ontotext, Konstantin Cristoff, founder and CEO of and Vassilena Vizeva, communications manager at GlaxoSmithKline.

The effects of real time online and social media engagement measurement was demonstrated based on the media coverage of the World Government Summit held in Dubai in early 2016 – an event where representatives of 150 governments discussed future development. The system pulls data from local, national, regional, global and social online sources and then provides media coverage analysis in real time. The Sensica platform provides key information for correct timing of distributing press information worldwide from Australia to the USA significantly increasing the event coverage.

The digital world presents a challenge to collect, manage and store all information and data used by a company. Milena Yahkova presented the unique semantic technology of Ontotext Bulgaria which is developed to meet this challenge. The semantic technologies assists the organizations to model, link, classify, store, query and make the best use of heterogeneous and evolving data. This in turn makes content accessible, easy to select, aggregate measure and links enhancing information retrieval and empowering knowledge discovery. The participants were all given the opportunity to test the product and receive a better feel of what clients such as the Financial Times and BBC use to gather and analyze information.

Vassilena Vizeva expert by GlaxoSmithKline presented the achievements of the company for engaging internal audiences in a changing environment. The company uses games as a different approach to communicate important information to employees. Through an interactive game developed for healthcare professionals the company has managed to adapt and change its employee understanding and created a new internal culture for business planning and market changes.

The WorldCom Next Generation Meeting was held in Sofia, Bulgaria for the first time. Every year the leading international PR partnership invites its young PR and communication consultants to a meeting aiming at professional development and experience exchange. 

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