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PR meets Employer Branding

Communication-related professions are gradually becoming closer to each other, which means new challenges for us.The collaboration between HRM and communication, for example, is as fascinating to us as is its absence.These departments often work at cross-purposes, whereas harmonising their activities could provide many benefits.That synergy doesn’t apply just to internal communication and HRM issues – such as keeping employees up to speed, creating involvement and retaining talent – but also to external matters such as recruitment, branding and media relations.This is where PR and Employer Branding come together.Two consultants from Wisse Kommunikatie went to Budapest to look further into this with colleagues from the Worldcom Public Relations Group.

Worldcom Youth Meeting

The annual Youth Meeting was held in Budapest recently.Twenty junior and medior consultants from ten European countries met to exchange practical experiences, ideas and strategies.This year’s theme was Employer Branding.We are seeing an increasing number of requests for EB campaigns in PR counselling firms, particularly in the IT, engineering and industrial sectors, where there are serious shortages of young qualified staff.

Employer Branding is presumptuous and takes no account of the many differing definitions and the vague boundaries of the professional field, promoting an employer’s brand.A strong employer brand ensures internally that staff are motivated, and externally that the employer is attractive for future employees.An authentic employer brand also has a positive effect on your business brand, and on the other hand a strong business brand increases the attractiveness for staff.

What PR can mean for EB

You are as strong as your weakest link, so don’t forget that your own staff are the most influential brand ambassadors.PR counselling firms can advise on the lines of approach for generating publicity for an employer brand.The most commonly-used tools are social media campaigns as well as events and exposure in print media through publicity and advertising.It is important first of all to apply focus and to plan:what are your company’s core values, what qualities do you want to be associated with and who do you want to reach?These are the basic points for having constant content that resonates, but with a current or future member of staff rather than a journalist.After all, aren't we all just people who want to be inspired and who share our enthusiasm or dissatisfaction about a company at birthday gatherings, for example?