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Sharing Knowledge: Wisse Kommunikatie in the classroom

The students of Communication Studies at HAN UAS are currently following the course unit in Public Relations. They form an international group of students from literally all over the world. This semester Wisse Kommunikatie will be teaching this course unit, introducing students to the world of PR, media relations, production of content such as press releases, and social media. Everything they learn will culminate in a grande finale during which students will hold their own press conference.

Alongside the course material, we offer a look behind the scenes of our PR agency. Theory and practice are immediately put side by side, providing the students with much more information than the teaching material alone could ever do. This approach seems to be valued: we are receiving more and more student requests to explain what business life is really like. In short: this is a fine combination of teaching and practice with examples of situations that might actually have taken place on the very same day in one of the companies that we work for all week. Besides the fact that we enjoy teaching these courses and enthusing students about our field, these young people are also introduced to Wisse Kommunikatie as a potential employer. A good first impression on our part may turn the new generation of students into the next generation of PR-consultants, preferably at Wisse Kommunikatie.