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The secret of a successful customer event: don't just talk about yourself

Every year, our client Cornerstone OnDemand organizes its no-holds-barred customer event Convergence. For two days, customers of Cornerstone, a provider of cloud-based learning and human capital management software, are updated in London on the new products and services that will become available in the upcoming period. But Convergence is more than just a good news show: it is a forum where visitors are inspired and motivated to leave the beaten track.

Last year's event was traditionally kicked off by founder and CEO Adam Miller. The kick-off was followed by a panel discussion led by EMEA VP Vincent Belliveau, during which several Cornerstone customers explained how they use Cornerstone's solutions for their HR activities.

After that, the stage was given to 'non-Cornerstone speakers'. Jeremy Gutsche (CEO of told an inspiring and extraordinarily funny story about how his father's life story made him realize that successful innovation is about identifying opportunities that others are overlooking. A second guest speaker, Liggy Webb, spoke about perseverance and how to handle major changes.

During the two days that Convergence lasted, there were many breakout sessions covering a variety of topics. These sessions would focus on specific Cornerstone products or solutions, on customers providing insight into how Cornerstone helps them meet certain HR challenges or on developments in the HR market. They included sessions on, for example, data privacy and gender neutrality in recruitment.

Cornerstone Convergence shows that customer events gain strength when they are not all about the company that organizes them. Putting passionate speakers with relevant topics on the programme – i.e. talent and innovation in Cornerstone’s case – keeps your visitors focused and sends them home with plenty of inspiration.