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Wisse Kommunikatie expands its IT portfolio with Uniserv

uniserv_logo.png (1)Wisse Kommunikatie recently started working for Uniserv, a German IT company that specialises in managing customer data.

Uniserv GmbH was founded in 1969 and has grown rapidly since then.Its specialisation is in everything to do with customer data management.  Dealing with this kind of data is a major challenge for many companies, as the poor management of information can result in incorrect or incomplete customer details, leading to high levels of errors and customer dissatisfaction.Uniserv supports businesses in improving the quality of data, its storage and migration, as well as master data management.Its software solutions can be integrated with any business process, any IT environment and any application.

More than 130 people work at the head office in Pforzheim in Germany and in the offices in Paris and Amsterdam.Uniserv’s customer portfolio includes large organisations such as Allianz, Deutsche Bank, eBay, France Telecom, Lufthansa, Otto, Siemens, Time Warner, TUI and Volkswagen.