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Wisse Kommunikatie in MT Top 10 of Dutch Communications Agencies


Wisse Kommunikatie has attained a shared fifth place in the top ten of Dutch service providers in communication advice this year. Moreover, we have secured position 48 in the general Top 100 of Dutch service providers. Both rankings are compiled annually by Management Team, one of the largest management journals in the country. Every year its readers can rank agencies and indicate which ones they would recommend.

‘We are very surprised by our high position in the ranking’, says Theo Snijders. ‘We mostly operate in the business-to-business segment and mainly work for technology companies in IT, industry, transport & logistics, healthcare and energy. This might make us somewhat less visible to the general public. Fortunately, this shows that businesses do know who we are and value the quality of our service provision high enough to vote us into the Top 10 of communications agencies.’

At present, Wisse Kommunikatie has around forty corporate clients, all leaders in their respective markets too. In the region of Arnhem, for example, our clients include Bunzl, CCV, DEKRA Certification, SIDN and HyMove. Our client list also includes a number of internationally renowned companies, such as Netsuite, Office Depot, Panasonic, Sharp and ThyssenKrupp. Especially many German companies have found their way to our services in recent years.

‘These services are highly diverse’, Serge Beckers adds. ‘They range from PR, media relations and crisis communication to the production of means of communication such as press releases, newsletters, websites and social media. But we always work according to a clear strategy based on concrete targets and clear key messages.’

With its top-10 position, Wisse Kommunikatie has joined a number of Dutch colleagues and surpassed a number of Dutch offices of international communications agencies. This is fully in line with our international approach: for over thirty years, we have been a part of the Worldcom PR Group, the largest international network of PR agencies. The network is a collaboration of multiple PR agencies to serve large international clients worldwide. We have also had our own office in Brussels since 1997 to meet the many requests from foreign companies that we cover the entire Benelux territory.

Wisse Kommunikatie was founded in Arnhem in 1982 and celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2017. In recent years and despite general economic headwind, the agency has steadily grown to include 13 employees, making it one of the largest communications agencies in the Eastern Netherlands.

‘We are very active in the communications segment’, Theo Snijders concludes. ‘We responded early to the emergence of new technologies and social media, for example, which have been major game changers in the communications business. Moreover, our consultants are not only well represented in communication training programmes, both as members of professional field committees and as guest lecturers, but also on the Board of the Arnhem Communication Society, the Dutch branch association VPRA and the Worldcom PR Group. This is how we keep in touch with the market and remain aware of the latest developments in our field, allowing us to further improve our services.