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Wisse supports its clients with new crisis management app

Wisse Kommunikatie has partnered with CrisisConnect, a new app for crisis management support. With this app, users have all the important contacts and information, such as scripts, FAFS and emergency plans and task cards, at hand in just a few taps. Important contacts, which can vary from crisis to crisis, can be called, emailed or texted directly from the app, so that crisis team members will not need to store these people on their own devices.

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Yet another advantage that is not as obvious as it seems at first sight: the app ensures that everyone in the organization has the same version of the same data.

‘And that is exactly what many organisations lack’, says crisis manager Serge Beckers. ‘While people invariably agree that a good and up-to-date overview of all locations, activities, employees, press contacts and social channels is crucial, hardly anyone manages to retrieve this information right away. That will change with this app; the extensive intake form, which all our crisis contractors should have filled out, is simply entered into CrisisConnect.’

Safe and up to date

Serge Beckers will be managing the app at Wisse Kommunikatie, but he can of course grant his contractors the necessary rights. Changes will be immediately visible to users, and the app meets all security and privacy requirements. ‘We intend to add new contractors to the app by default. Using is believing,’ says Beckers.

In addition to the healthcare sector, Wisse Kommunikatie will also introduce the app to its clients in other crisis-sensitive sectors, such as industry, pharmacy and chemistry.

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