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Worldcom, Wisse, Leonardo

From February onwards, Leonardo Puri joined the Wisse team as a graduate intern for a period of five months. He is currently in his fourth, and final year, as an Integrated Communications student at Arnhem Business School. Having previous experience with B2C communications and PR, this is Leo’s first foray into the world of corporate communications and PR.

With Wisse’s guidance, Leonardo will dive head-first into his comprehensive graduation assignment. The scope of the research? Understanding how agencies within an international network communicate and collaborate about key projects. By gaining insight into the existing collaboration methods, he will be able to identify commonalities and discrepancies. The results will form the basis of his advice, whose ultimate goal is the facilitation of a cross-country collaboration and business acquisition for the Worldcom network as a whole.

‘What attracted me to Wisse Kommunikatie is the agency’s diverse clientele, results-oriented business model, and long-standing track record of service excellence’, says Leonardo.

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