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Yes, when launching in Spain, hold a press conference!

It might seem old fashioned, and outdated, but press conferences to announce new arrivals in Spain still work.  Even if you want to focus on your product or service, as a newcomer, the media want to know who you are, what your story is, why Spain, what the strategy is, who you are going to sell to, what will be your presence, who the composition is of your local team…and of course, what your product or service entail.

Tell your story in a face-to-face meeting with the media and you will have opened the door to brand recognition and mind share. But, don't feel it’s an exam, since PR is a continuous evaluation. Your press meeting needs to be followed by a consistent PR program, with a trustable and integrated press office team and ongoing media relations.

I am not telling anything new. But just because it’s not new, we shouldn’t forget that this works!

And never forget the secret ingredient: PR passion!  Putting passion in all you do takes you half the way. The rest of the road is walked with the ingredients of planning, accepting that it’s impossible to anticipate absolutely everything and evaluation of results.

Contributed by Imma Folch-Lázaro, CEO and Strategic Consultant of our Barcelona based Worldcom partner LF Channel.