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13 clever and effective content hacks


The life hack, a simple solution to an everyday problem. They come in all shapes and sizes; from 20 nice life hacks because life in a lockdown is hard enough, to the 47 best technical life hacks ever. Our sector also has its share of clever tips and tricks. Forbes listed 13 content hacks that make it easier for content creators to create content efficiently and effectively.

13 experts of the Forbes Agency Council gave tips in the article with which marketers and content creators can make their work just a little bit easier. Nice detail: tip number 10 comes from Stefan Pollack, CEO of our American Worldcom partner The Pollack Group: Display Reviews On Landing Pages. As the visitor is now in the purchase phase seeing good reviews of the product can push them over to the shopping cart.

News jacking & reusing content

Besides the tip from our Worldcom partner, I would like to highlight two more tips, because we apply them (almost) daily in our PR and content practice: news jacking and reusing ‘old’ content. Both ‘hacks’ form an important basis for the campaigns we run for clients. A very recent example shows how this works.

Monday 8th of March was International Women’s Day. We used this as a opportunity to leverage on current events for our customer ServiceNow by publishing an opinion article in one of the Netherlands’ most important IT media, AG Connect. In addition, the same content was communicated in the course of the day via the company’s various social media channels. A nice combination of newsjacking on current events and reusing existing content in different ways.

Curious about all 13 content hacks? You can find them here.