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The power of a podcast resides in the story. Your story, one which you have told by the right people, with their own unique knowledge and experiences. That story can be cast in the form of a scripted podcast, but also in an interview. Or be presented in a panel podcast, with a ´just the facts´ approach, or in a mix of all of these.

Whatever style you choose: one strict condition is that the content be based on your strategy, so that your aural content too fits your company or brand. Only in this way does it contribute to a stronger relationship between you and your listener.

Our consultants are happy to help you in your podcast choice. And if this medium is entirely new for you, we also arrange all of the related aspects, such as the script, the voice actor, the recording and editing, and the uploading of the end product.

We´ve summarized for you everything you need to know about our podcast in the download that you can request by completing the form.


Webinars come in all shapes and sizes, and can range from an internal training session to a product or strategy launch, from a round table discussion to a digital or hybrid event. But how do you ensure that you really get the most out of a webinar? And that the content matches your strategy?

A successful webinar starts with good preparation and a well-thought-out plan. The consultants of Wisse Kommunikatie help with all the steps necessary to achieve a successful broadcast. From idea to production and promotion. Good quality content is always the basis for this. We provide support in determining the right theme, finding suitable speakers, engaging a presenter or moderator and creating a clear scenario. We also ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day itself. In addition to the substantive preparation, Wisse Kommunikatie also provides technical support.

We work together with Live Stream Studio for recording the webinars. Their studios in Apeldoorn, Utrecht and The Hague are equipped with high-quality video and audio equipment, and their technicians turn the knobs. If you prefer to organize a webinar from your own office, a mobile studio is available.

Do you have plans to organize a webinar and are you curious about all the possibilities? Contact us by filling in the form.

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