Construction and installation

Given our roots, construction and installation have been one of Wisse Kommunikatie’s important spearheads since the beginning. Not only have we worked for a few large technical consulting firms, construction companies and housing corporations, but these companies also formed our target group on numerous occasions during our work for suppliers of project management, ERP and CAD-CAM systems. We have also provided support in marketing, PR and media relations to suppliers of tools and building materials ranging from lifting and hoisting machinery, cladding and siding, insulation materials, power cables and outlets, fire alarms, central heating systems and sanitary fittings.

Product libraries

In addition to appealing content on products, applications and services in text and images for the standard media channels, it is becoming increasingly important to promote construction products to project developers, architects, engineering firms and contractors that are all involved in establishing the specifications for a building and in their choice of the products and materials to be used. This information is currently stored in digital product libraries.


Currently at the heart of all this is a BIM (Building Information Model) that is based on a 3D model of the building that makes the design, engineering and execution processes much easier. Extensive chain integration, industrial construction, the introduction of business process management systems and practical IT tools at the building site are important innovations that promote new ways of working and innovation in construction. In other words, grist to our mill as they say.