Energy and sustainability

Based on our focus on innovation and new technology, we have started working more and more often with suppliers of sustainable technology and alternative energy wanting to limit harmful emissions. It started with a large-scale project for the revival of LPG in the Netherlands, and thanks to our work for the largest supplier of hydrogen technology in the world and a demo project for hydrogen in the Arnhem region, we have become a true ‘hydrogen specialist’. We have also worked for a producer of solar panels, a supplier of geothermal systems, and a company that is specialized in LNG-powered vessels for the shipping industry.

Electric cars and windmills

Several of our existing clients have also started focusing on new, sustainable energy sources. DEKRA and HBM for example, both of which have a strong position in the automotive industry, are working on battery technology and propulsion for electric cars. Another client of ours is active as a supplier for windmill builders.

Creative campaigns

These projects do not only involve translating complicated technology into appealing and informative content, but mostly also creating awareness for this new technology. This applies to government and other authorities that have to create the right prerequisites for the introduction, the companies that have to apply the technology, and the general public, in order to place attention on sustainability, safety and cost benefits. We have developed and implemented creative and effective campaigns for the last target group in particular.