Over the years, Wisse Kommunikatie’s IT portfolio has come to include a broad range of interesting clients. Computer suppliers, manufacturers of network equipment and cables, suppliers of software for document management, IT service management and CAD/CAM, various ERP suppliers, hosting providers and data centers, diverse specialists in the fields of back-up, IT security and storage, a global social-media monitoring tool: these are all examples of companies that, thanks to our consultants, have become convinced that communication in the IT sector involves a lot more than just sending press releases to a computer magazine.

Technology and applications

Our clients in the IT sector don’t only come to us for the proper translation of their technology and applications into product news texts and technical articles for the trade media, but also for assistance in shaping this information into a form that is suitable for users. After all, users don’t really need to know exactly how a tool works, but mostly how this tool will improve their business processes. We also provide support to many of our ICT clients for their marketing, in organizing events for partners and users, participation in exhibitions, direct mail, advertising and their own content portals.