As far as innovation and technology are concerned, industry is one of the most dynamic sectors. Although we have traditionally offered support to industrial companies in professionalizing their communication activities, in recent years, we have done a substantial amount of work for suppliers of industrial automation systems, sensor and robotics technology and machine builders, services that can help industry make great strides in efficiency. These clients serve a variety of sectors such as the automotive industry, shipbuilding and aviation, the metal industry, petrochemicals and chemical industries, agribusiness, food industry, the packaging sector and logistics.

Employment market communication

Apart from technology and innovation, which form the common thread in all our activities, we are also active in managing industry’s image in the sector as an employer. Since attracting and keeping suitable personnel is a problem, we handle a lot of employment market communication and internal communication for industrial clients. It is no coincidence that we have worked for various clients that are specialized in the training and placement of qualified permanent or temporary technical personnel.

Crisis communication

Thanks in part to our thorough knowledge of these sectors, we have also been more active in recent years in crisis communication for clients in industry and petrochemicals.